Best Baby Winter Clothes + What to Know About Layering!

Winter always seems to pop up and surprise me, especially as a parent. While I love the holidays and all the cheer this time of year brings, I’ll admit this season adds a little extra stress to parenting. Are they warm enough? Did I bring enough layers with us? Why is there always only one mitten to be found at the bottom of the diaper bag?! If it is your first winter as a parent, we are here to help! Below you will find a guide on how to properly layer and all the best baby winter clothes. 

How to Dress a Baby in the Winter

First things first, you need to know how to dress your baby in the winter. Even if you don’t live somewhere super cold, these tips can come in handy if you head up to the snow for an adventure or plan on visiting family in a colder destination. 

I also want to take a minute to stress something really important here for one second. You don’t ever want to dress your baby too warmly to the point where they may overheat. There is definitely a balance here. It can be unsafe for your little one if both if they are underdressed AND if they are overdressed. Here are two things I always kept in mind when dressing my babies.

Are they sweating? If so, then they are TOO warm and you need to remove a layer. 

Are they cold to the touch? If so, then you need to add a layer. Their belly should be warm to the touch. 

How to Layer Your Baby’s Winter Clothes

Step 1

This first layer is what your baby will wear at home in the winter. They don’t really need much more than normal since your house probably stays around the same temperature as normal. You do want to pick thin but warm clothing, however, that works for layering under winter gear. We usually go with a long sleeve onesie, stretchy pants or sweats, and socks. This way if you do happen to go outside later, you can easily add their other clothing. 

Step 2

If you are only wearing a light sweater, then your baby probably doesn’t need much more than that either. Add another long sleeve or light jacket over the outfit they have on. I also usually added a hat to keep their little ears warm. 

Step 3

When it is really chilly outside and you are putting on your winter coat, you will add a snowsuit over the other two layers for your baby. Just remember to take the suit off if you are going inside for an extended period of time or when you get back home. 

Bonus Information

The above steps will help you to keep your little one warm when you are out and about, but you also need to think about sleepwear. We’ve included some great options on our Best Baby Winter Clothes list below that double as pajamas!

Going outside in the winter might also mean getting the stroller ready! You can keep your baby extra warm by tucking blankets around them in the stroller. If you will be leaving them in the stroller, you can use a bunting bag and skip the snowsuit. 

As for in the car seat, whether on car rides or in the stroller, keep in mind a snowsuit or bulky clothing gets in between your baby and the restraints. This means your baby is no longer secure. Instead, put them in the seat in their base layer and tuck a blanket around them AFTER they are buckled in.  

Best Baby Winter Clothes

Base Layer of Baby’s Winter Clothes

Longsleeve Onesie 4-Pack 

You are definitely going to want to stock up on long-sleeve onesies for the winter months. They make for the best base layer so that you can add and take away extra warmth as needed. This set comes with 4 onesies, all neutral colors so that you can easily pair them with whatever pants you’d like. 

Simple Joys by Carter’s Long Sleeve Body Suit Pack

This is another great pack that will help you stock up for the winter. It comes with 7 onesies, one for every day of the week! Although, I don’t know any baby who makes it through the whole day in one onesie due to leaks, blowouts, and eating messes. These onesies are 100% cotton and will be super soft and snuggly against your baby’s skin. 

Cotton Footed Overall

You can also do footed pajamas like this for your baby’s base layer. Just make sure they are thin, like this option, so that you can layer over if necessary. These come in tons of different colors and patterns, and they are all adorable!

Cotton Pants

My babies lived in long sleeve onesies and little cotton pants like this. Of course, I pulled out the occasional trendy baby outfit but this is just what is easiest and most comfortable for your baby. They are also great in the winter because they are pretty thin but keep in plenty of warmth.  

Fleece Pants

These fleece pants are just as comfy and easy as cotton pants. They just offer a little extra warmth!

A Little Extra Warmth

Cable Knit Sweater Romper

Not only is the cable knit sweater absolutely precious but if you put it over a long sleeve onesie, it offers the right amount of warmth for a mildly chilly day. It is made of 100% organic cotton and has button openings on both the shoulders and the legs. 

Quilted Footed One-Piece

This is another adorable one-piece that you can slip over a long sleeve onesie for extra warmth. It has a full-length zipper making it easy to slide on and off. 

Top & Pants Set

This might just be my favorite of the winter baby clothes on this list. I mean, that little pom-pom on the hood could not be any more adorable. I would put a onesie under this set so that I could just put the jacket on when needed. 

The Best Baby Winter Clothes for Very Cold Temperatures

Columbia Foxy Baby Sherpa Bunting

Chances are, your baby isn’t actually playing in the snow, so a sherpa suit like this will work perfectly to keep them bundled up and warm. It also has folded hands and a fixed hood, which is amazing because your baby can’t pull them off and end up losing them. This suit does not have feet, so be sure your baby has warm socks and shoes on as well. 

Ultralight 650 Down Bunting

If your little one will be actually playing in the snow, you will want to get a real waterproof snowsuit like this one. I love this option because it isn’t too bulky and should allow your baby to move around a bit. It also has rollover mittens and feet warmers.  

Winter Accessories to Throw in the Diaper Bag Just In Case

Little ears, fingers, and toes have a tendency to get cold so always make sure to throw a couple of extra items in the diaper bag just in case. Here is a little tip; their tiny socks also work as mittens if you’re in a bind!



Hats with Ear Covering


I hope this list will help you decide what you do and don’t need to make it through the winter with your baby. Just keep in mind, it is really about layering and paying attention to your little one so that you keep them balanced rather than too hot or too cold. Now go enjoy this frosty, merry, magical season with your babe!

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