10 Best Toddler Water Shoes for Splashing Around

Toddler water shoes are a warm-weather must-have, as they let your toddler move independently without ruining their daily wear shoes. Water shoes are, as the name suggests, designed to withstand water and rugged use. Toddler water shoes specifically need to be easy to get on, stay on comfortably, and dry quickly so you and your toddler can enjoy playing in the water, swimming, and other outdoor activities.

These 10 toddler water shoe options are the best as they are widely available, are offered in a range of sizes, and will be easy and comfortable to wear all while they protect your child’s feet.

10 Best Toddler Water Shoes for Splashing Around

1: The Toddler Water Shoe That Can Be Worn All Day: Cat & Jack

Cat & Jack is a popular toddler brand and the Austen water shoes are designed to look like regular sneakers. The lightweight sole and brightly colored upper provide a durable yet comfortable shoe. This construction also makes them flexible and easy to get on with a heel pull tab and front velcro closure.

These are a great option for a go-to summer shoe that can handle the elements. Plus, a good option for big kids as they could be worn to school as well. 

2: Crocs

Crocs are a popular kid’s swim shoe. It’s no wonder they are a staple as they are breathable, lightweight, and easy for toddlers to put on independently as they grow. Crocs come in a range of colors, all with that classic clog style. This design makes them perfect for water as well as daily summer wear. There is a heel strap that flips forward for a clog style, giving your child a secure shoe that is easy to get on and off. These are a great water shoe option because they can be used daily, clean well, and wipe dry with a towel.

3: Speedo

For a more traditional water sock consider the options from Speedo, a brand that specializes in watersports wear. These toddler water shoes have a solid construction with very fine mesh, giving a breathable shoe that isn’t as open a Croc or mesh athletic shoe. The fun patterns add some flair while the easy to get on design gives a heel pull tab and front velcro for a secure fit. These have a durable sole for easy wear in the water.

4: The Best Bargain Toddler Water Shoes: Old Navy

If you’re looking for completely mesh toddler water shoes, Old Navy has some simple options. The mary jane style for these girls’ water shoes gives a classic look on a functional piece. The sole offers some toe protection with mesh on the top and heel, for more breathability and fast drying time. The velcro strap top keeps the shoe fitting well and the grip on the sole offers stability for exploring.

5: OshKosh

OshKosh is another classic toddler brand and their water shoes provide a twist on the standard water shoe. The toddler water shoe line they offer is more of a water sandal. This shoe has a top velcro strap that wraps around the ankle, securing the aquatic neoprene upper to the child’s foot. The tough rubber sole gives protection while the larger sandal style holes allow airflow, water, and quick dry time. This is a great summer sandal that can double as a water shoe.

6: Carter’s

Another sandal style water shoe is offered by Carter’s in a fun pattern. The durable sole is thicker than a standard water shoe to give support and comfort. This is great both in the water and while walking during daily trips. The neoprene upper has a beachy feel with a soft upper and heel strap. The side openings provide good ventilation while the shoe’s upper keeps feet protected.

7: H&M

H&M offers a range of toddler clothing, including a simple water shoe in a fun pattern. This is more of a traditional water shoe with a neoprene upper that covers the whole foot while still being breathable and water ready. The bottom sole is a fun contrasting color with added grip. The simple design makes for an easy on, easy off, sock style construction. This is a great option for pool and water use with some support for walking around as well.

8: Bright and Vibrant Toddler Water Shoes: Aquakiks

For water shoes with personality, check out the Aquakiks line. This brand has a solid water shoe with a firm bottom and solid construction with simple velcro closure. The body of the shoe comes in a range of patterns and colors, all with contrasting soles that provide toe protection and matching accents along the edges.

These are great water shoes for those looking to match a shoe to a swimsuit or just want something different to help them stand out from regular shoes in a day bag. With this design, they also make a great daily wear shoe for the warmer months.

9: Merrell

Outdoorsy and hiking families may be familiar with the Merrell brand which offers a rugged outdoor water shoe for toddlers. This is what is called a “water sneaker” which is a fine mesh upper with a durable sole, designed to allow your toddler to participate in hiking and water activities. The brightly colored shoe stands out, making it easy to locate in a bag or add some flair during your outings. The sole is very much like a sneaker for a stable, durable shoe that can handle almost any activity.

10: Alex & Nova

This last water shoe is a very open mesh, summer shoe with sole protection. The design comes in three colors, giving your shoe wearing reluctant toddlers a breathable option that can handle the playground and the splash pad. The light design with the supportive bottom is a very minimal shoe, offering lots of airflow and comfort while keeping your toddler safe and ready for anything. This is a great everyday warm-weather shoe that can dry quickly and clean easily. They are great for new walkers, and I love that it will protect their feet against the hot sand. 

Toddler water shoes are a great practical option for the warm months when you will be participating in outdoor activities, as they can withstand sweat and water fun while also offering a solid and protective shoe. These are the best toddler water shoes because they’re easy to put on, can withstand the water as well as on land playtime, and can double as a day time shoe.

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