My very strong opinions about the first week with a baby

If I were a lady at Downton Abbey, my wishes would be obeyed with great haste. Food and nurslings could be summoned with a tasteful ringing of a bell and sent away with the same simplicity.

Instead, I live in the real world where I was a demanding and hormonal hot mess without the courage or words to ask for what I truly wanted. If only Anna had been around to read my mind and care for me.

Since I’m a mother blogger, inclined to take notes and stash them away for later reference, I had the “presence of mind” to write down how I wished people would treat me. I also had goals for how I wanted to spend my time with my newborn (but still not the manners or voice to ask for these things appropriately). Uhh, what’s wrong with this picture?

These opinions are raw, unfiltered, and TRUE. I might try to deny them if you corner me, but the fact is that I wrote this list when my third son was one-week old.

The stuff I wish my parents and in-laws (or household staff!) would do for me in a perfect world:

  • Cook all my favorites without me having to shop or meal plan or think about it at all.
  • Play with my big boys and help them feel special and cherished.
  • Dishes!
  • Fold the laundry and put it away.
  • Keep my house tidy or make it tidy.
  • Go away when I want space.
  • Change all the diapers unless I feel like it.
  • Leave the TV off unless I want to watch.

Wow, I’m a bitch.

First week goals.

Because I have done this baby thing before, my plans are realistic:

  • Short walks each day. Go after a feeding and stick within a block or two, so I don’t even need a diaper bag, which I am not mentally ready to assemble.
  • Nursing support group. Yes, I’ll need to face packing a diaper bag and getting myself there, but my nipples can hang out freely.
  • Nap around the clock.

The end.

Did you also want everyone to simultaneously help you out and get out of your way? What would you add to my list of unspoken goals and desires for the hormonal roller coaster first week?

photos: newborn, Heather Flett; Anna from Downton Abbey, ITV

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