Wrap your baby and stay warm

Kendra from ShoppingForTwo sent this suggestion to us last year.

She wrote: Keep yourself and your baby snuggly warm this winter by making your own baby carrier. I learned how to make this just a week before my baby was born and not only is this the most comfortable baby carrier, but it’s also the least expensive. I made two carriers for about $16.

Take a trip down to the fabric store and pick out five yards of either woven cotton (you will need to hem the edges to keep from unraveling) or fleece (no need to sew at all). Cut the five yards in half horizontally, so you end up with a 20″ by 5 yards piece of material. Then follow the instructions at wearyourbaby.com to learn how to wrap your baby.

Kendra wrote that her baby instantly falls asleep when he’s wrapped up which makes running errands or taking a walk more peaceful. “I wish I had found out about this when my older son was a baby, it would have made life so much easier!”

Heather secretly made me a wrap just like Kendra’s as a Happy Pregnancy present. I wore it proudly when Scarlett was tiny.

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