A Rewarding Side Gig for Moms – Rent Baby Gear to Traveling Families

Ask a mom or dad who is traveling with their small children if they think renting baby gear at their destination is a good idea. They will say YES! Why did I not know you could do this!?! Check out how awesome and rewarding this new side gig is…

A Rewarding Side Gig for Moms – Rent Baby Gear to Traveling Families

Babierge and their Trusted Partners to the rescue! Think Airbnb, but for baby equipment.

One of our favorite side gigs for mom is something that is super simple for any mom. We buy tons of gear for our babies, right? And what happens after the baby uses it for a couple months and then there is no need for it. Usually, it is a future yard sale or a goodwill donation. Now imagine you can make revenue on all that incredible gear you have.

BabyQuip is the leading baby gear rental platform connecting moms or dads who rent their baby gear, called Trusted Partners, with families traveling to their area. Trusted Partners rent, deliver and set up exceptionally clean baby gear they own at a family’s hotel or vacation rental, and then return to pick it up on departure day. Trusted Partners select the gear they want to rent and set their own prices and delivery fees. Basically, you get to choose the price you want to rent your gear for and how much to deliver it. You can also set up the days your gear is available for rental so that you don’t have to deliver on days you can’t. Talk about a seriously beneficial side gig!

Who is this best suited for?

Trusted Partners are often moms with young children (although some are dads and retired folks), seeking a side gig that is enjoyable and meaningful. In about two weeks you move through the application and training process to launch your own business on the BabyQuip platform. BabyQuip will train you in all aspects of the baby gear business including gear safety and cleanliness, hospitality industry customer service, sales and marketing.


BabyQuip builds your website, sets up your insurance, and drives online traffic to you. They then train you about gear safety, local marketing and delivering exceptional customer service. Their mission is to delight traveling families.

BabyQuip Trusted Partners also benefit from the insight and experience of more than two hundred other baby gear rental entrepreneurs like themselves. Through weekly video conference sessions, drop-in office hours, and being able to ask questions in their supportive private Facebook community, you’ll get questions answered on how to run your business–quickly! 

On average moms receive over $600/month plus tips, second only to Airbnb hosts. Some earn several thousand dollars in most months. 

Ready… Set… GO!

Get started by lettingBabyQuip know you’re interested. Tell them Rookie Moms sent you!

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