Make ’em laugh

Smiling laughing mom | Photo by Lesly B. Juarez on Unsplash

It seemed to take a while, but I’m proud to report that Holden now laughs like crazy. In fact, he must have a very witty internal dialog going on, because sometimes I’m really not that funny.

This weekend, he went nuts for:

  • kissing face – puckered lips but only kissing the air
  • raising and lowering the head and eyebrows
  • blowing in his face

I told you, these things are not that funny to me, but as Whitney puts it, “hearing your baby laugh is like being a teenager in love for the first time.” And when the kid is really ROTFL, you are the most amazing person on the planet. So enjoy it before another diaper explosion hits!

I didn’t even have to bust out the fake sneeze! 🙂

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