Best Baby Tracking App of 2023 [The Feeding & Diaper Trackers You Need]

Keeping track of all of the details about your baby’s sleep, feedings, and diapers can be overwhelming… especially when you can’t remember the last time you slept more than 3 hours in a row. That’s why one of my top pieces of advice for new moms is to find the best baby tracking app for their needs!

When I started my new life with a newborn (a life in which I saw 2 am with more regularity than ever before) I kept a notebook by my bedside. Inside, my husband and I religiously wrote down what time our baby ate, produced stool, and slept.

If only I would have known then that there are tons of great tools, including Baby Feeding and Diaper Tracker apps, that make it a little easier! By my third baby, I realized the magic of tracking everything through an app and now I’m here to help you find the perfect app for your needs!

Best Baby Tracking App of 2023

We keep this post updated with the latest and greatest diaper tracking and baby feeding app options. Because there are two things in life that change in the blink of an eye; technology and babies! 

Talli Baby

Talli Baby is definitely one of the top baby tracking apps out there. I am eternally grateful for how easy it was to track everything with my last baby through this app and I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

While you can use the app by itself, what really sets Talli Baby apart from all the rest is the Talli Baby Tracker device. Rather than having to fiddle with your phone, you simply press a button on the device and it tracks it for you.

You can log feedings, diapers, sleep, and more. It can even help remind you which side you breastfed on last. When it comes to breastfeeding trackers, this is a must because it’s so easy to forget which side you fed from last!

I set my device up in our nursery which made tracking in the middle of the night a breeze.

The app and device are both super easy to use. I also really love that the app helped me feel prepared for doctor’s visits (which can be intimidating) with all the important information about my baby’s schedule right at my fingertips. Through the app, you can also share your baby’s data with your doctor or nanny for convenience.

Watch this video to see how Talli works!

Check it out here!

Hatch Baby Activity Tracker & Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad 

The Hatch Baby Activity Tracker is another great app that is enhanced with the use of additional devices. This app can be used to log diapers, sleep, and feedings.

When the app is paired with the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad, you can lay your baby down to change them and easily track their weight at the same time with the simple push of a button.

The data from the changing pad will be stored and displayed in the free Hatch Baby Activity Tracker app. It even allows parents to compare their baby’s growth to data from the World Health Organization, instantly!

Plus, Hatch Baby will remind you to take a photo a day in the app so that it can generate a video at the end of the year. The video will show your baby growing a year’s worth in a minute. (This will surely go viral among your Facebook friends! Or at least your family.)

Check it out here!

Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log

The Glow Baby App is the smartest all-in-one baby tracker! You can track your baby’s growth, monitor routines, and engage in a supportive community.

You can also track with caregivers and automatically sync on all devices so everyone that watches or engages with your baby knows exactly your baby’s habits and schedule.

Track breastfeeding to diaper changes as well as naps, pumping sessions, and more! If you love your Apple Watch, you have to check out this app!

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

The key features of this app will be very helpful for your parenting journey. Not only can you track your baby’s diaper changes, sleep, growth, and milestones with this app but it also includes an infant feeding log.

It provides you with a customized app experience. Plus, you can add family, friends, and followers to share photos and videos with! Check it out here.

Pump Log

If you are a pumping mama, this app is a must-have! This pumping tracker will help you keep track of when you pumped, how long you pumped, and how much you pumped.

It also has an awesome feature that will help you keep track of your freezer stash and alert you when you have stored enough to stop pumping.

Pump Log allows you to log the first 50 pump sessions for free and is $14.99 after that. Check it out here!

Nara Baby App

The Nara Baby App helps with your baby’s overall routine, which probably mostly includes eating, sleeping, and pooping. This app will work as both a feeding and diaper tracker. They made this app with the idea of making it as easy as possible to track so that you can spend time on the more important stuff, like quality time!

What I love most about Nara is that you can share it across multiple devices making it easier for everyone to be on the same page with your baby’s schedule. Download the app here!

Baby Feed Timer

This is a wonderful app for breastfeeding mamas. It’s simple design makes it quick and easy to track which side you fed on and for how long. You just click the big L or R and start the timer!

On top for tracking feedings, you can also track diaper changes, sleep, growth, and more. Many parents rave about how the stats are displayed making it easy to see all of the data that you keep track of at doctor’s appointments or just for your own overview.

Lansinoh’s Smart Pump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump + App

This new pump connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth and automatically logs the output of your pumping sessions into the Lanisoh Baby App 2.0. Here are some important details about the pump itself: it’s quiet, it has a light-up touch button LCD screen making it easy to use, and it has 8 different suction levels & 3 pumping styles.

When you use this pump you will have access to their app. Since they know pumping is not the only piece of the puzzle they’ve included other tracking functions in their app, like feeding and diapers. It’s all in one place!

Check out Lansinoh’s Smart Pump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump here. If you aren’t set on having a built-in baby feeding and diaper tracker, this pump is also available without the Bluetooth connection for a more budget-friendly price here.

Whatever breast pump you choose, be sure to check if there is an app!

Baby Apps That Aren’t For Tracking (But are well worth downloading!)

Our Favorite Sleep Tracking Tool: Huckleberry

Want professional sleep advice for your little one right at your fingertips? Huckleberry is an affordable way to get the help you need.

SweetSpot, their free sleep help tool, is the best place to start. This tool gives optimal sleep time predictions making naps and bedtimes easier by making sure your baby isn’t under tired or overtired. All you do is log a couple of sleep sessions and you will start getting these alerts based on your baby’s sleep patterns.

They also offer affordable personalized guidance by sleep experts! You take a questionnaire, track your little one’s sleep for a couple of days, then both the algorithm and the experts took a look at your data. From there, a custom sleep plan is created for you to follow. 

Huckleberry Premium is truly a great chance to take action without breaking the bank because you receive continued guidance and milestone assessments. I mean, you get expert advice personalized to your family’s needs for less than $20! Trust me, your sleep is worth this small investment.

For Tracking Doctor’s Appointments & Milestones: Sprout Baby

Not only does this app track the details of your baby’s daily life, but as you add developmental milestones and photos, it generates an adorable little report. The report is in the style of a newspaper (remember those?), and the front page that combines age-appropriate tips with actual facts about your child.

Sharing Milestones with Ultimate Privacy: Tinybeans

This app provides a way for you to share and store photos and memories with the people you choose. It’s a great option for people who don’t love posting frequently on social media but have family far away with who they want to share all the little things. 

The Best App for Connecting All Your People: Sproutly

From pregnancy to parenthood, this app will help you keep everyone in the know about updates with your baby. Rather than spreading your information all across social media, you can just keep the people you want in the loop, in a private and secure platform that is shielded from ads or ad-targeting.

It allows you to keep your people updated on the due date, your gift registry information, the latest pictures, and important milestones once your baby arrives. 

We especially love this app for people that have extended friends & family across the world. Rather than a personal page, you have a family page allowing you to give updates about each family member and see other family’s updates! Check it out here.

#1 App for Newborns: Baby Tracker Newborn Log

This is another one that does it all, from logging nursing sessions to sleep and diaper changes. Plus, you get to track it all on an app with an elegant interface that’s easy to use. See it in more detail here.

The App for Making Mom Friends: Peanut

If you are looking for ways to connect with other women who are on the same journey, whether it be fertility-related, pregnancy, or parenthood, then you have to check out Peanut! It is a great way to meet women nearby. We all could use a mom friend or two after all! 

How I Found Out Tracking is an Important Part of Parenting

Sleep deprivation can make keeping track of time challenging for new parents. When our baby was old enough to start sleeping in regular stretches, we realized we still were unsure of what these patterns were (Because what time was that? Were we up for an hour or was that 10 minutes? It’s all the same).

We then realized we needed to find a way to track his sleep and wake times. We went back to our trusty notebook, believing that if we wrote down what was happening, we could make some sense out of it.

For me, the baby’s naps always felt to be just about 20 minutes long. When we started tracking, I realized he was actually napping for much longer. It was helpful to have logged the start time for a reality check. Woman, you’ve been scrolling on Instagram for 90 minutes. Whoops.

Whether you like a notebook, a spreadsheet template (we have a printable baby tracker you can use), or an app on your phone, it’s so important to find a system that works for you! We hope the list above has helped you do just that.

Is there a baby app you couldn’t live without? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep track of newborn feedings?

You can track with a pen & paper, in your phone notes, or with an app designed to make tracking easy. You will want to note which breast you fed on, the time of the feeding session, and how many ounces your baby ate.

Can both parents use baby tracker?

Many baby tracker apps allow both parents or multiple caregivers to use them. Our top 2 are Talli Baby and Glow Baby.

What is the best baby tracking app?

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker
Pregnancy Tracker and Baby App
Baby Tracker Newborn Log
Hatch Baby (along with the Hatch Baby Changing Pad)

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