Baby Gear for Twins; 15 Must-Haves for Juggling Multiples

Navigating life with two newborns at once can feel overwhelming. However, the gear you choose to use will make all the difference! Below is a list of all the best baby gear for twins from staples like strollers, convertible cribs, and diaper bags to extras like diaper caddies and swings.

This gear will function as a set of extra hands to help you care for your babies. Hopefully, it will make being parents of twins a little easier. And when it isn’t easy, here are some quotes that will put a smile on your face anyways! 

Must-Have Baby Gear for Twins

1: Newborn Tandem Stroller

Carrying two newborn car seats can be a juggling act, which is why the first must-have item on the list is a double stroller, specifically the Baby Trend Universal Snap-N-Go Stroller frame. This frame can likely hold whatever infant car seats you’re already using. This allows you a smooth transition for each newborn from the car to the stroller and back again. This minimal frame stores easily and frees up your hands for tending to the babies while you’re out and about.

If you’re looking for a list of great options, check out our full article on double strollers here! We also have some great double umbrella stroller recommendations here.

2: Newborn Carseat

Our favorite newborn car seat, the Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX has a silent canopy, perfect for adjusting the light on one baby while the other baby sleeps. It also has a one-hand adjustable handle, so you can hold one car seat while maneuvering the other. The base is adjustable. Plus, it uses the InRight LATCH system for easy in and out and has a level indicator to make installation a breeze. 

Check out our full article on car seats for detailed descriptions!

3: Sling or Baby Carrier

A sling is a great way to carry and comfort one baby while tending to another. Plus, using a sling gives you the use of both hands. This is something you will appreciate, especially as the twins grow. The 9-in-1 CuddleBug Wrap Sling can be used with newborns for a range of activities and supports up to 35 pounds.

Learn more about slings and why we love them here!

4: Tandem nursing pillow

A nursing pillow can make feeding both babies at once a bit more manageable. This pillow sits around the parent’s waist while seated. It gives both babies support on either side, offering a hands-free way to feed both babies at the same time. It works for both breastfeeding, a bottle, or any variation of the two.

My Brest Friend makes the best must-have nursing pillow on the market, providing support and stability for breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Baby Gear for Changing Twins’ Diapers

5: Diaper changing station

Along with frequent feedings come frequent diaper changes. It can be tough to go back and forth from your main living area to the nursery all day just to change diapers. Creating a more centralized diaper changing station gives you the ability to be close to the babies all day and night with all your diaper changing items in one place.

A folding diaper changing station gives you a raised platform to change diapers. Plus, it will provide extra storage for clean diapers, backup clothing, and a side pocket for supplies. It’s easy to set up and have open or fold away for on the go use.

6: Diaper caddy

An alternative to the diaper changing station is a diaper caddy. This is a tote bag style storage option that has handles for easy portability. You can use it for diapers but also for clothing, blankets, and even nursing supplies.

Having one place to toss everything and have it be portable can save you lots of time. It ensures you will have everything on hand. This is a great tool for diaper changes anywhere in the home. Plus, it can be great for bibs, burp cloths, toys, and books too.

7: Diaper bag

This is one of our favorite diaper bag backpack brands, Freshly Picked!

When you’re on the go you’ll need a diaper bag that can handle the supplies for both twins. It is ideal to have everything in one bag. Between extra clothes, bottles, diapers, and blankets, you’ll want a bag that can carry your phone, wallet, and drinks or snacks.

A backpack style diaper bag has lots of pockets, both insulated and storage, so you’ll have a place for everything. Some even have enough storage for a breast pump which can be helpful if you’re planning to be away from home for a long time, such as vacation or a weekend visit to the family.

Baby Gear for Twins That Will Help You All Get Some Shut-Eye

8: Swaddles

With twins, you’ll need twice as many swaddles and may want a few in multiple areas of the home to help keep both babies comfortable and sleeping well.

Comfy Cubs swaddle packs come in two sizes, small/medium, and large and make swaddling very easy. The design gives you a pocket to place the baby’s feet and body, and a stretchy velcro closure upper to swaddle the baby without all the folding and tucking. These are perfect for parents to swaddle quickly and comfortably, managing both babies at once.

9: Convertible Cribs

When putting together your twins’ nursery, consider convertible cribs as a must-have. This will save you so much time down the line when your babies are ready to move into toddler beds and graduate from the crib stage. Convertible cribs are cribs that can be adjusted to become toddler beds and a twin size bed that your child can use for years.

These beds also have adjustable mattress heights to make it easy to tend to your child as a baby and make it easy for your toddler to get in and out of bed. A convertible crib is a must-have because you set up the cribs before birth and can simply convert their crib into a bed as they grow.

10: Bouncer seats

Bouncer seats are often a lifesaver because they give you a place to set your little one down safely. We love bouncer seats that have grow-with-me functions, converting into a toddler rocking chair. Check out a couple of our favorites here!

11: Split screen baby monitor

Through the night you’ll want to be able to keep an eye on both twins at once, so having a two-screen baby monitor or a split-screen monitor is a must. These options will allow you to see both babies continually without having to toggle screens or maintain two separate monitor systems.

This system by Moonybaby offers a split-screen monitor with two independent cameras, giving you the option to see both babies on one screen. There’s also a two way talk back feature which is useful for communicating with a partner or talking to children as they grow.

12: Twin nursery center

When you bring your newborns home, you’ll want a space in your bedroom or in your main living area to be able to tend to the babies. Many families opt for an in-room nursery, usually a stand-alone bassinet or a co-sleeping option.

This can become cumbersome with two babies at once, which is why the Baby Trend twin nursery center is a must-have. This has a pack-n-play design with a removable bassinet. It is perfect for a nursery station in the living room or in a bedroom.

The bottom can operate as storage until the babies are bigger. It can also be a portable changing station if you use the bassinets separately.

Extra Baby Gear for Twins

13: Swing

This is a traditional baby item and many would consider it a must-have. A swing gives a solid place for the baby to be higher off the ground while safe and content.

The Graco DuetConnect LX is a swing and a bouncer, offering the benefits of both all in one unit. The swing seat removes to provide a floor level bouncer, so you have some flexibility and a dual-purpose device. This is a must-have for twins, as it offers the best of both a swing and a bouncer.

14: Large mix and match wardrobe

With twins, it is great to have a large mix and match wardrobe. It can save you so much time and extra laundry if you choose to create a large wardrobe for both twins, as opposed to separate clothing. This will mean you can put everything in the wash at once. You also won’t have to find matching clothing throughout the day.

Choosing a neutral color palette, or more natural prints such as plants, florals, and natural animals, will give you the flexibility to personalize the wardrobe and outfits while still being cohesive.

15: Bathing station

Lastly, bath time will quickly become double the work. There will definitely be times both twins will need a bath on the same day. Having a bathing station that is portable, easy to clean and dry, and will last for the first year or two of your baby’s life, will be the best way to tackle this task.

I love this newborn-to-toddler bathtub. There’s a newborn hammock style seat for comfort. There is also a sturdy bath form that sits in the sink or standard bathtub. Choosing a model like this gives you flexibility without the hassle of other sink tubs.

Selecting baby gear for twins can quickly become overwhelming, as you feel the need to have two of everything. This list of best must-have items highlights where to focus your shopping. You will also see that some items, like the nursery bassinets, cribs, and even the swing, can offer a multi-purpose solution for your needs.

Choosing twin gear that can grow with your children and function to support both at once will save a lot of time. Not to mention, it will help your days flow more smoothly!

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