Kids Consignment Stores: Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets

Anyone with kids knows that keeping them clothed is a constant battle. From outgrowing their shoes to ripping up their jeans to smearing peanut butter on the brand new sweatshirt you just bought, it can feel like you’re constantly blowing your budget just keeping them dressed! But shopping at kids consignment stores will keep them cute and covered up without requiring you to bust the bank. You can save thousands of dollars throughout your kids’ lifetimes by buying their clothes, books, toys, and equipment secondhand.

Buying secondhand is also good for the environment, giving your kids an important lesson about Mother Earth from the get-go. The amount of clothing that winds up in landfills every year is staggering. By heading to consignment shops, you’re helping the globe and your wallet.

Kids Consignment Stores: Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets

Here are a few different options for secondhand shopping and some tips to help you shop smart:

Kids Consignment Stores Online

If you have a bunch of littles running around, you probably aren’t enthused about the idea of putting on real pants and venturing out to a store. Thankfully, there are tons of great kids consignment options over the web these days.

ThredUp is a personal favorite. Not only can you sort clothes by size and brand, but they’re open about how “used” they are, from “like new” to “slight pilling” and more. Instead of digging through racks, you can actually choose Baby Gap pants from size 3-6 months and see what pops up! Although good stuff tends to go quickly, they’re constantly getting new inventory.

Kidizen is another great online option for kids consignment. Its platform allows moms from all over the country to launch their own storefront, meaning that they have tons of options and a large inventory. Shipping is also included in the price, which is a nice benefit!

Kids Consignment Stores Online Tip: Make sure they have a great return policy. Kids grow so fast that by the time you receive what you ordered, it may not fit, and different brands can have vastly different sizing.

Local Kids Consignment Store Options

Most cities and towns will have at least one or two local options for shopping secondhand. A simple Google search of “kids consignment” and the name of your metropolitan area should give you some options. Shopping in person may be more of a hassle, but until you hold a piece of clothing in your hand, it’s hard to really tell what condition it’s in or try things on for size. The great thing about local stores is that they’re often more willing to haggle on price. Feel free to ask the clerk if they could knock it down even further””you’d be surprised how often they’re willing to say yes, depending on how long they’ve been holding onto it!

Local Kids Consignment Tip: When you go to shop, bring some of your kids’ old clothing items that no longer fits. You may make enough money selling it to snag some new stuff for practically free! Also, check out the Yelp reviews ahead of time.

Kids Consignment Stores on Facebook

Are you part of a buy, sell, trade Facebook group for your area? What about a local moms group? These can be great ways to find high-quality hand-me-downs! Moms are always looking for ways to declutter, and someone else’s tub of clothing sitting in their closet may be your gold mine. Peruse your local Facebook marketplace and see if anyone is selling their kids’ clothes for cheap.

Another great thing to look for on Facebook is baby equipment. You know those moms who will register for six different baby seats because they don’t know which one their kid will like? When they realize their precious little angel prefers to be worn, they’ll head right to Facebook to try and offload their barely-used Mamaroo!

Kids Consignment Stores on Facebook Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask to see clothes in person before buying. It’s pretty easy to make ratty clothing look amazing with great lighting and a high-quality camera.

Classic Kids Consignment Stores

Large secondhand stores like the Salvation Army or Goodwill will always have a kids’ section. It can be intimidating to dig through racks of clothing. If you have the time, you can stumble on hidden treasures. Spring is one of the best times to head to your local thrift store; many families are cleaning out their closets and donating at will. Also, don’t forget about garage sales””they may seem outdated, but you never know what you can find!

Classic Kids Consignment Stores: Be prepared to spend time looking. Goodwill gets so many donations that their clothing will range from like new with tags to stained and torn. Don’t expect to walk in, spend five minutes glancing around, and walk out with four new outfits per kid!  

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