The 10 Best Purses for Moms on Every Occasion!

As moms, we’ve got a lot to juggle! There are kids, housework, forms to fill out, doctors’ appointments, play dates, children’s sports, schedules, work, spouses, laundry, groceries… it goes on and on. No matter what we’re doing, we’ve got a kiddo tagging along. That means we are either carrying them, their stuff, or both. Not to mention to carry anything that we may actually need. This is exactly why you need this list of the best purses for moms! After all, we weren’t born with 25 arms. 

Diaper bags are obviously the practical choice when you have babies, but even then they’re bulky. Not to mention, you simply just don’t need a diaper bag all the time. On top of this, women’s pants typically don’t have enough big pockets to carry anything more than a credit card and a cell phone. So as moms, I think it is important to have a couple of different purses for varying occasions!

The 10 Best Purses for Moms on Every Occasion! 

Sometimes you may only need to pack lightly in a small cross-body purse, other times, you might have three kids (one in diapers!) that you are taking to a soccer game way across town. In this instance, you might need a Mary Poppins purse for things to go smoothly!

I have found that having a whole arsenal of purses helps me stay organized and on top of everything. However, I know many moms who would be fine with just one or two. Let’s explore the types of purses that any mom may need.

The Best Purse for the On-the-Go Mom: a Wallet or Wristlet

Wallets and wristlets only have room to carry your cards and maybe your phone. These are great for quick little outings where you don’t need much or if you have pockets in your coat or pants that can carry your keys and some tissues.

This slim minimalist wallet holds my everyday cards and goes everywhere with me. It fits easily in coat pockets or any purse. 

For the Practical Mom: a Crossbody Purse

Crossbody bags vary greatly, but the one thing they do have in common is that they are easy to carry because you just sling them across! If you are running a quick errand with little ones in tow, a small crossbody would make a wonderful purse for mom. These purses are typically big enough to fit your essentials and they keep your hands free. This means you can stop your child from running away from you and knocking down that whole wine display!

We all love a good Target run. While you’re there, look for this classic cross-body purse. This purse is a great size with plenty of interior pockets and comes in black, olive green, white, or brown.

The Must-Have Mom Purse: a Tote

Whether you have one kid or five, tote bag purses are the best for multi-use. They come in so many different sizes and styles that you can have one for every occasion. You can have one for everyday errands, a nicer one for special occasions, or one that sits somewhere in the middle.

Totes can carry just about anything you could possibly need for a whole day out with your kids. Plus, the best part is that it’s not a clunky diaper bag that screams “I’M A MOM!” Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom, but sometimes I want to look like a chic and trendy woman who just happens to have a crew of kids clinging to her legs and saying “Mom, mom, mommy!” all the time.

This L.L. Bean tote is one of my favorites and you can add a monogram to it as well! It’s super durable, easy to clean, and is the perfect size for bringing on the plane or day-long adventure.

For Moms of Multiple Kiddos: a Backpack

Backpacks are super handy and (thanks to the fashion world!) they are now super cute. There are so many different styles of backpacks out there that anyone can find one that they like. They make for the best purse for a mom who needs both hands at all times to keep their kids from doing anything they shouldn’t be doing!

Backpacks are the new cool “diaper bag.” I, for one, have ditched my old diaper bag for a cute but practical backpack. It’s water-resistant, has two side pockets for bottles or sippy cups, and a ton of other different pockets to help organize. Plus, it’s cute! One of the best parts? My husband doesn’t mind carrying it around because it’s gender-neutral and it fits both of our styles.

This is the diaper bag backpack that we have and it fits everything. Looking for something a little fancier? This backpack purse has amazing reviews, is super cute, affordable, and it holds a ton! You can easily wear this option on your shoulder or as a traditional backpack, which I love. 

The Best Purse for Moms Night Out: a Clutch

Clutches come in many shapes and sizes, but they are typically too small to hold everything you need with kids. However, it is great to have a go-to clutch that you can use for a night sans kids!  Whether it’s lady’s night, date night, or any night that doesn’t involve kids, a clutch is a perfect little purse to hold your essentials and your things. A clutch is an ultimate sign to the world of moms that says “I’ve got the night off!”

Nothing says “Night out!” quite like a fancy clutch. Here are my two favorites; this pale pink option or this YSL clutch (treat yourself!). 

How I Use All of My Mom Purses

I currently have two kids and am pregnant with the third, and most days, I just bring my small cross-body purse with me or my wallet if I have pockets. My keys, wallet, and phone all go in my coat pockets when possible and that’s it. Even though I still have one in diapers, I don’t bring a diaper bag with me if I’m running an errand that will last less than two or three hours. I always keep extra diapers, wipes, and tissues in my minivan so that I can keep my hands free when I’m out with my kids.

When we are going to a place that I know is filled with germs (play gyms, the zoo, park, etc.) I bring a tote or backpack. I keep it filled with sanitizing wipes, wet wipes, snacks, sunblock, diapers, and some paper and crayons.

If you are a mom that is always on the go or a mom who really likes to be prepared, I recommend having a tote bag that is always stocked. All of my bags have tissues, hand sanitizer, pens, Chapstick and a fresh stock of snacks. My kids could live in a world with dirt and a wet diaper, but they CANNOT live without snacks for more than two hours.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, or a mom on the go, having a variety of purses is helpful in keeping your life organized and stylish. I hope this list has helped you to find a purse that works perfectly for you!

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