Get more out of Goodnight Moon

When we first added Goodnight Moon to our bedtime ritual, I thought, “This book is sort of boring.” After a few months, I thought “This book is painfully boring.”

One day, my friend Sunny said, “I see new things in that book every time I look at it.”

Um, what?

So I started paying more attention and here are my suggestions to keep your interest level tolerable as you read Goodnight Moon. Maybe it works with other books, too. You’ll have to tell me what you’ve found.

  • The bunny is in a different position in bed each time the bed is pictured. Check it out.
  • The mouse is in a different location on each page.
  • The clocks advance in time as the moon’s position changes.
  • How many of the words in this book do you know in another language? Test yourself and brag to your baby. “Luna!” “Cama!” “Conejo!”. No fair if you or your parents are immigrants.
  • The light and dark areas of the pages vary. The art is better than I first thought…
  • Is this a living room or a bedroom? Or… a studio apartment? Where’s the kitchen? Who made that mush? Think about it.

Get more out of Goodnight Moon: who is eating that mush?

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