Host a Margarita Mommies Group

This week’s challenge is a summery activity for babies that can sit up on their own; this is your 34th challenge.

These ten-month olds (Theo, Del, Julian and Paxton) are having so much fun slurping on plastic toys and touching one another’s toes that they don’t realize their moms are having fun too.
Ingredients for a successful Margarita Mommies Group:

  1. Shady backyard on a nice, warm day
  2. A friend or two who can WALK to your house
  3. Kiddie Pool with a couple inches of water
  4. Mom-sized lawn chairs with toes dipping in the water
  5. Plastic pitcher of margaritas with plastic cups — or lemonade for moms who are pregnant or need to drive home.
  6. Splashing babies (diapers optional) — keep them in the shade or slather heavily with sunscreen before the party starts!
  7. Daddies available to pick up mommy and baby afterward

This was suggested by my hairdresser as an awesome way to enjoy the warm days. If its getting too chilly for swim diapers and cocktails, this activity can be modified to be an indoor playdate, of course, with a wide open living room floor with a few toys on a blanket. (See also Start your own Breakfast Club)

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