100 fun things to do with your baby

A valuable list of very simple things every rookie mom needs to know are included in the new book Homemade Play by early childhood educator Kim Lyons. These are not life-saving skills like how to treat a high fever, but rather revelatory concepts, such as things you can do with a kitchen sponge to entertain a baby. (Throw it! Put it on your head! Pretend it’s a bed for a small doll! Put it in a container of water and watch it float!)

Sometimes I found myself craving or buying new toys as stimulus to interact with my baby. It was guilt-free retail therapy that relieved some boredom for me. Homemade Play offers dozens of new ideas for things you already have around the house — or can find in nature. “The best toys for babies are often the simplest,” says author Kim.

Here’s an excerpt:

This book is an invitation to slow down and be present with your baby, including ideas for tummy time, movements and what to say or sing.

Another excerpt:

Download the Kindle version for $2.99 at HomemadePlayBook.com.

Disclosure: I received an electronic version of the book to review a couple of years ago.

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