My first time at moms’ group {Rookie Moms Challenge #3}

{Our challenge: Join a new moms group!}

This was one of the challenges I was most excited about.  I’ve heard so many of my mom friends rave about their mom’s groups that I couldn’t wait to find one of my own. I’d been trying to get after this challenge for a couple weeks. I’d found one group through and had actually RSVP’d for a lunch but then some family ended up coming into town and I didn’t go. At a friend’s recommendation I learned about a new mom’s group offered through the hospital I delivered at and decided to give it a go.

The group meets on Mondays from noon to 2pm had about 20 women, all with babies 6 months or younger.  It was led by an awesome doula named Kimberly who immediately made me feel at home. You could just tell that this was the kind of place where no one would judge you if you came in wearing your jammies and your baby was screaming.

Most of the women had their babies lying out on blankets and a ton of them were doing tummy time and not crying, which immediately made me feel like Garrity and I were inadequate. She hates tummy time! But then when we all went around and introduced ourselves and our babies I realized the babies I was comparing my daughter too were a good two months older than her. Phew.

After introductions everyone had a chance to ask a question. While most of the questions were directed at Kimberly, each question did go out to the group to see if any of the other mamas were facing a similar situation or had gone through something and had advice. It was great. It was so nice to hear these other mamas dealing with the same things I was.

I was even able to offer some advice to a mom whose milk has too much lipase in it — I scald all my milk after pumping.

Garrity did ok.  Even though I’d nursed her before we left she got fussy about 30 minutes in so I whipped out my boob and nursed her. It was so nice to be able to nurse in public and not have to worry about covering myself up! After that she started to get tired but she is in this fun no-nap stage so ended up crying rather loudly for a good 10 minutes.

I tried to comfort her in the circle for a bit but that didn’t work and I ended up having to get up and walk around. Eventually she fell asleep and I put her in her car seat and we were able to rejoin the group. Even though I was totally stressed out for those 10 minutes and was embarrassed that she was causing a scene I don’t think anyone really noticed.  Everyone else was so concerned with their babies that mine didn’t even faze them.

We made it through all the ladies in just about 2 hours. Normally I would have stayed after and tried to strike up some conversations, but I had errands to run so I ducked out but I will definitely be going back. I’m looking forward to trying to connect a little more with the mamas next time and hopefully can make some new friends out of the group. Maybe I can even hit on one and cross off my Rookie Mom challenge #13 🙂

[Photos by Whitney Mattocks; All rights reserved]

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