Parenting trends: muslin swaddling blankets

Well, anyhow, apparently muslin is they way to go these days. When Heather asked our readers via Twitter if they used muslin swaddlers, there was a significant show of hands for Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Wraps.

Funny, though, that when I had Scarlett, and had never heard of muslin, Heather made me a fake Moby Wrap, or as we called it, a Fauxby Wrap out of a colorful muslin piece of fabric.

I’m just bringing it to your attention because if you are a lover of the muslin swaddler, you might try making yourself a front carrier. You’ll be able to swaddle your baby to your chest basically, and reduce crying, which I believe is worth the time you’ll spend trying to figure out how the heck to tie yourself and the babe up in a long piece of fabric.

(Go to your crunchiest, fanciest baby store and ask for help. Then, practice, my friend. It’s worth it.)

Here I am back then, still wearing maternity clothes of course, about to take a walk with my homemade front carrier. Thanks, Heather!

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