The Best High Chair for 2023 – A Look at What’s Hot & New!

Everybody deserves a spot at the table…even baby! In all seriousness though, it is very important to have a safe spot for your little one to sit once they begin eating solid foods. Other than being about safety a high chair is a good way to teach mealtime discipline and get your baby used to sitting down for family meals with everyone else. Not to mention that food is going to be pretty messy for a while and cornering all the mess into one spot is a life changer.

Best High Chair of 2023- A Look at What’s Hot & New!

What Makes a High Chair Worth it?

It is true that your baby can eat anywhere, but you probably do not want them to. High chairs make feeding convenient and cleaner and place your little one in the proper upright position to eat safely. We totally feel you if you’re worried about the chair sticking out like a sore thumb in your pretty kitchen, but with all these modernized options that shouldn’t be a problem.

It now comes in every shape, size, and style so you can find the perfect fit for your home. This is one piece of baby equipment that you will truly get your money’s worth out of. Especially because you will begin using it around 6 months and all the way through age 2-3, oftentimes even older with convertible high chairs.

The Best Adjustable & Convertible Options

We will kick off this list with a bang, and by that I mean the most commonly purchased type of high chair. These are your basic, comfortable and safe seats. They have a pretty classic look and will be able to live in your kitchen for years to come. Every chair we have picked below is easily adjustable and you can easily convert most of them to be used by your toddler down the road.

The One That Offers it All- Graco Blossom 6- in-1

We promise we have got some very cool & unique options on this list, but we cannot help but begin with the chair that has it all. You can easily convert this chair as your child enters new stages, and it even eventually turns into a toddler seat for your “big kid” to sit right at the table next to you.

You can have the high chair and the booster seat assembled at the same time, which is amazing for all you mamas with children close in age. Our favorite features; wheels so you can move the chair around even during feeding, comfy reclining settings, and footrest, & one-handed tray removal.

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The Sleekest All in One Option- Chicco Polly

This chair is perfect to adjust as life changes. The footrest gets longer as your child grows. The seat goes up and down to adjust your high chair to come right up to the table. The other great aspect of this high chair is it is super soft but also cleans up easy like it’s vinyl.

Check it out here!

Best High Chair for Baby Led Weaning- Ingenuity Smartclean Trio 3-in-1

A newly popular method for feeding your baby solids is baby-led weaning. While we absolutely love this method, we can’t deny that it is a bit messier than traditional feeding. Rather than giving your baby spoonfuls of food, you will allow your baby to pick up food and feed themself. No special high chair is needed for this method, but you will want something easy to clean!

This high chair is made with cleaning in mind from the tray to the straps and even the seat. The foam seat pad can be thrown in the dishwasher!

Check current prices here!

Most Easily Adjustable to Table Height- Graco TableFit Rittenhouse High Chair

The Graco TableFit is a budget-friendly option that still offers everything you need in a high chair. One of the best things about this seat is that it adjusts to fit at the exact height of your table. Adjust the height and your baby can join the rest of the family at dinner time! It reclines in 3 different positions and can have a 3 or 5 point harness. It folds up nearly flat making it easy to store when necessary.

Available on Amazon!

A Highchair That Also Offers Entertainment- Chicco Progress Relax Chair

The Chicco Progress Relax really caters to brand new eaters with attachable toys for the tray, the capability to recline all the way back, and its padded 5 point harness. When the chair is leaned all the way back, it will actually put your newborn in the perfect position for bottle-feeding which can be super convenient. On the other hand, it easily transitions into a toddler booster. Also, you can use it as a youth stool making it one of the best versatile high chairs out there.

Check current prices here!

Our Favorite Booster Seat

Not all families feel the need for a high chair, and that’s okay! You may be considering a booster seat for your little one. The Go Gaga Discovery Seat below is our absolute favorite. Plus, it is just as much for entertaining your little one as it is for feeding them.

Go Gaga Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Seat and Booster

Not going to lie, one of the perks of having a great high chair is being able to eat yourself! This booster seat will entertain your little one so you can finally sit and enjoy a meal, but it also makes for a safe & easy to clean space to feed your baby. After all, mealtime should be fun for everyone!

One of our Rookie Moms tested this chair out with her 4-month-old daughter, London, and loved the comfy pad that helped to support her. London, of course, loved checking herself out in the mirror! Another perk is that this chair is lightweight and easily portable since life is hectic and you never know where mealtime might be.

Check current prices here!

High Chairs You Can Pack Up and Bring Along

If your baby is particularly wiggly, you may sometimes need to bring a high chair along when you’re traveling or visiting a friend. Below are two options that both pack up easily and are lightweight. They will give you a safe place to plop down your little one for feedings, no matter where you are!

Best High Chair to Fold Away- JOOVY Nook High Chair

If you don’t have much space or you just don’t want to constantly look at a high chair then we’ve got the one for you. This Joovy High Chair is definitely one of the best high chairs for 2021. It has some great little features like a swing-open tray to easily take out your baby. It also has soft pads on the feet to not scratch up the floors. Then, when you are done with the high chair, it folds up and even has a convenient handle to carry.

Available on Amazon!

Rookie Mom’s #1 Pick for On the Go- Inglesina Fast Table Chair

One of the best things about being a parent in 2021 is having so many gadgets that make being on the go a breeze. Of course, you want a high chair at home, but not every meal is eaten at home. This Inglesina Fast Table Chair allows you to have a high chair wherever you may need one. It is small and only weighs about 4 lbs, but has the capability to clamp onto almost any table. This means whether you are headed to grandma and grandpa’s or on an exotic vacation your baby will have a safe place to eat.

The chair breaks down and fits into an easy to carry bag. You can also easily wash this seat down, even if you had a mushed pea catastrophe. Plus, with this, your baby will always be right next to you at the table and at your level.

Check it out here!

Statement High Chairs That Are Also Functional

This is essentially a new piece of furniture for your home, but have no fear unlike many other pieces of baby gear, you can find a high chair that blends into the rest of your home. Below you will find the most aesthetically pleasing high chairs of 2021. We double-checked for you though, these chairs are also totally functional.

For the Modern Mama- Phil and Ted’s Poppy High Chair

For anyone who is looking for a statement high chair, this is the one for you. It offers all that you need for it to be functional. The tray is even dishwasher safe as well as the cushiony seat because at some point you will think spaghetti is a good idea and then everything will be stained with a slight red hue. It weighs just slightly over 8 lbs and it folds up pretty small, just in case you do need to put it away in a closet. It also adapts into a toddler chair. 

Check it out here!

Easily Convertible and Trendy- OXO Tot Sprout High Chair

The sleek look of this high chair will give your kitchen a little extra pop. You have got to love the modern wooden legs paired with a comfy safe seat for your baby. It can be converted to work all way up until your child is 5 years old. It will give them a spot at the table that they can safely climb in and out of. You can easily wipe down the seat cushion for cleaning and it can be adjusted to different stages without tools.

Check current prices here!

Best High Chair for Small Spaces- ANTILOP High Chair with Tray

This high chair has the perfect balance between classic and trendy, so much so that you might be a little jealous that your smallest family member has the coolest chair in your home. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing; it is durable and easy to clean and travel with. You can wipe down the whole thing easily with a wipe! It is definitely an option to look into if you only have a small place because it hardly takes up any room.

Check it out here!

Must-Have High Chair Accessories

There are a few accessories out there that are absolute must-haves for feeding! With my last baby, I used these 2 items all the time.

The Table Tyke Placement

The Table Tyke Placement is great for when you are on the go. The bumper on the front will prevent your baby from bumping their head when they are new to highchairs or accident prone (like my little guy).

Plus, it keeps them from getting all the germs on the table. It rolls up and stays put with these little loops that fold over the mat when rolled so it’s easy and lightweight to store in the diaper bag

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Highchair Mat

There are inevitably going to be messes, so a highchair mat is a must. The highchair mats from House of Noa are not only really cute but can easily be rinsed off with water and dish soap. They are also water resistant so you can simply wipe spills with a cloth.

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Finding the Best Option for You & Your Baby

The best option for you and your baby is really going to depend on your lifestyle. However, our favorite overall pick is the Graco Blossom 6- in-1. This chair is great at every stage and worth the money you put into it. We also love the booster seat it comes with and we know that it will get plenty of use in any household!

Do you have a favorite high chair? Let us know in the comments!

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