Best Co-sleepers to (Safely) Sleep Next to your Little One!

Co-sleeping is a popular concept in which the baby sleeps in the same bed as the parents, especially as a newborn and infant. Other popular options are using a bassinet or basket that allows the baby to sleep in the same room with the parents but in their own bed. Whatever route you choose, they all have their pros and cons. Here are the best co-sleeper options that will help you keep your baby close and easy to tend to through the night, though!

Best Co-sleepers to Keep Your Little One Safe Next to You!

A co-sleeper merges the concepts of co-sleeping and the bassinet. Co-sleepers vary in style and layout, but they all help keep baby close while staying safe and secure through the night.

Co-sleepers provide the bonding and closeness components of co-sleeping. However, they add the mobility and security a bassinet provides. This hybrid sleeping arrangement can make it easier to bond through the night, tend to and quiet the baby at all hours, and can remove some of the concerns and worries may have about full co-sleeping with a newborn or small infant.

What is a co-sleeper?

A co-sleeper is a portable bassinet style bed that your infant sleeps in. The co-sleeper does differ from the traditional bassinet in design. They either sit directly against the side of the bed so the baby is within an arm’s reach or sit in the middle of the bed so the baby is close by. No matter the design, a co-sleeper is a smaller, protective bed that allows the baby to get solid rest while also making it easy for parents to tend to and bond with the baby through the night.


  • Easy access: most models have raised rails to keep baby safe, but it must be easy to reach for and tend to the baby while in the co-sleeper
  • Portable: you can move most co-sleepers from room to room and adjust them to the correct height for your bed
  • Comfortable: an ideal co-sleeper is one where your child will sleep through most of the night.
  • Easy to transition: babies typically only sleep in the co-sleeper from ages 0 to 3 months. Once your baby can roll over or push themselves up it’s important to consider transitioning to a crib or full co-sleeping.

Different types

Bedside sleeper: this co-sleeper type looks like a raised bassinet with legs that support the sleeper and keep the baby elevated to match the height of your bed

Nest co-sleeper: this type is very similar to the “Moses Basket” and looks like a sleeper basket. This type is placed in the middle of the bed to keep the baby safe while right next to you. These can also be considered travel sleepers, as they can be moved around the house and can collapse to make travel easier.

The Top 10 Best Co-sleepers

Bedside Co-Sleepers

1: Baby Delight Beside Me Bedside Sleeper

A great option for co-sleeping is this bedside sleeper. There are straps to attach the co-sleeper to the bed for added security. This bedside sleeper can also convert to a stand-alone bassinet and has high mesh walls to allow airflow while keeping baby safe. There’s a side panel that unzips, allowing bedside access through the night. The legs of this co-sleeper are adjustable in 6 positions, giving you the opportunity to customize the height to your bed. It also comes with a waterproof mattress cover and fitted sheet to protect the fiber filled mattress.

2: Mika Mickey Bedside Sleeper

This co-sleeper also converts to a standing bassinet, which makes it easy to sleep with baby close by at night and provides a safe space for naps throughout the day. There are straps to secure the co-sleeper to the side of the bed and one large side panel opens to give parents access through the night. There are 7 height positions available to provide the perfect height for co-sleeping. The two long sides are mesh paneled, the short sides are closed and this co-sleeper is portable giving you space for baby to nap during the day.

3: Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee Bedside Bassinet

A great co-sleeper that’s portable and offers under the bed storage is this bedside bassinet. The neutral color makes it perfect for any bedroom and the 4-inch sleep nest height makes it compatible with most bed frames. The rails are all mesh-lined and there are two end pockets along with under the bed storage. This is a solid option for families that want to co-sleep but also wanted the added security and safety of a bedside bassinet. The attachment strap and resistant plate offer a secure place for your baby to rest.

4: Simmons Kids by the Bed City Sleeper

For a simple, open, and adjustable co-sleep consider this one by Simmons. The design is very simple and elegant with a grey neutral fabric and grey support legs. The L-shaped wheel legs are designed to fit under the bed, sofa, or chair so you can keep your baby close and safe while sleeping. The low profile sleeping nest provides access from the top, so there’s no need to open or close the side in order to reach your baby throughout the night. You can adjust the height of the nest with a button and there are two side pockets for storing anything you might need at hand.

5: Millard Side Sleeper Bedside Bassinet

Another great side sleeper bassinet is this one, which can operate as a co-sleeper as well as a stand-alone bassinet. There’s a unique design that provides top access handles to move the bassinet around the house and a wide side panel for access through the night. There are three height options and simple legs that allow you to place the bassinet closer to the bed as well as slide them under the couch. The high walls are solid paneling for added security.

Nest Co-sleepers

1: Baby Delight Snuggle Nest

For those that are looking for an option to have baby sleep in their bed but with some added protection, this snuggle nest could be a perfect choice. The two rigid and vented walls help keep baby cool and keep baby separated from the rest of the bedding. The shape and style of this nest offers easy access to the baby all night, and the low light nightlight gives parents a hand when it comes to tending to the baby in the dark. The sleeper also folds in half for easy transport through the house or while traveling.

2: Baby Lounger and Baby Nest Sharing Co-sleeper

Another good option is this baby nest for co-sleeping. The removable bumpers and mattress make it easy to clean and the adjustable end gives the baby a bit more legroom as they get older. The low profile sides provide a comfortable and soothing environment for baby while also providing easy access while in bed. This nest is fully machine washable and completely portable. It’s perfect for using throughout the house as well as in bed and makes traveling easier as your baby will always be sleeping in their own bed.

3: CubbyCove Classic Breathable Portable Nest

For a super simple, classic co-sleeper nest check out the CubbyCove Classic. This nest is a flat, simple, padded sleeper with an adjustable canopy for added shade. It’s a great option for new parents or those looking for something to operate as a co-sleeper nest, a lounger, and something to use for tummy time while keeping baby safe. It’s sturdy, one-piece design makes it easy to move around the house without losing pieces or having to re-assemble. You can move this next with one hand, making it easy for parents throughout the day and night. Check it out here!

4: SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

This option is designed very simply with one full mesh panels surrounding the sleeping nest. This is a great option for day and night use, as it’s easy to see the baby through the mesh and offers a large sleep space as well as wide top access. The metal frame folds flat which makes it easy to carry through the house as well as use for travel. It includes a mattress pad and a fitted sheet. This is a great co-sleeper and bassinet for travel with it’s simple yet sturdy design and overall functionality.

5: Abreeze Baby Bassinet and Lounger

This 100% cotton portable crib gives all the feel of co-sleeping with the added protection of using a co-sleeper or convertible bassinet. The lounger is made of soft cotton to cushion and comfort your sleeping baby. The bumpers are high enough to provide added protection while also offering each access to check on the baby or tend to them throughout the night. The construction and materials make this lounger perfect for co-sleeping, tummy time, and use around the house.

The best co-sleeper is one that you’ll use every night! You don’t want to have to worry about navigating the pieces, adjusting the height, or managing a flap. The bedside co-sleepers offer easy access without having the baby directly in bed. On the other hand, the nests go directly into the bed and give baby their own safe space throughout the night. Many of these co-sleepers are very portable. This will save you from having to buy more than one bassinet or space for baby to sleep beyond the bedroom.

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