Clever Ways to Virtually Send Thank You Messages for Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week is here! This year more than ever, all of us parents truly appreciate the work teachers do. Since many of us will not be able to offer gifts this year to our teachers, we thought it would be nice to find some sweet thank you messages for your teacher. We’ve also got some great ideas for how to share these messages with teachers from a distance! 

How to Send a Thank You Message to Teachers From a Distance

Make a DIY Collage E-Card 

I can bet that your kiddo’s teacher is deeply missing being able to see those adorable little faces every day. Show your appreciation for them by gathering up photos of the whole class and making an E-Card with a collage. You can easily do this on Canva, in fact, we even pre-made a template for you. Check it out!

Step 1: Send an email out to all of the parents in your child’s class asking to collect photos and explain what you’ve got up your sleeve. 

Step 2: Open our template! There are 3 collage layout options to choose from depending on class size. 

Step 3: Upload photos of each member of the class and insert them into the design. 

Bonus: You can change the quote at the bottom to say anything you’d like! We chose one of the quotes from our list below. 

Step 4: Download the design and email it to the teacher! 


Email Them a Giftcard

While some of us might be able to drop off gifts to the teacher’s front porch, others of us may have no idea where they live. It really depends on the community you’re in. However, you can still send them a little something to show your appreciation via email! There are plenty of different shops and restaurants that offer e-gift cards, here are some of our favorite options for teachers. Choose one of these, add on one of our sweet thank you messages for teachers, and send it their way!





Take a Picture of Hand-Made Art

Write one of the thank you messages for teachers from below out on a blank sheet of paper (or have your little one do it if they can!). Then, have your child paint or color around the message. Snap a picture of the artwork and email it to their teacher to show you’re thinking of them this week! 

Thank You Messages & Quotes for Teachers

Short Thank You Messages for Teachers

  • Teachers like you are 1 in a Million, thank you!
  • You are not just a teacher. You are also a mentor and a friend. Thanks for all you do for me.
  • Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure I could learn as the world changed.
  • A teacher takes a hand with an open mind and touches a heart.
  • Thank you, teacher, for guiding us, for inspiring us, for making us what we are today.
  • Distance learning wasn’t easy for me, but you made it fun. Thank you.

Thank You Messages for Teachers Who Have Made a Positive Impact

  • It takes a big heart to shape little minds. Thank you for being patient and always adding excitement to the day.
  • I learned a lot in your class because you took the extra time to explain things clearly. You gave me the extra help I needed. Thank you for giving me your time.
  • Thank you for helping me grow. You taught me to be flexible and how to take small steps to complete big tasks.
  • This is a little note to let you know just how helpful you have been. You’re such an amazing teacher and I hope you know that! Thank you!
  • Your patience is second to none! I had so much trouble with some of the difficult parts of class this year, but you stuck by me and had faith that I’ll get there in the end. Thank you!
  • I had a great year this school year and it was all thanks to you. I loved being in your class and getting to learn new things with you every day. Thank you.

Thank You Messages for Your Favorite Teachers Ever

  • How sweet it is to be taught by you. You were so kind all year and that really helped me grow.
  • We may not remember everything you said but we will remember how special you made us feel. Thank you.
  • You have gone above and beyond this year to support me. Thank you for getting me over the hurdles, having faith in my abilities, and having the skills to get me where I needed to go.
  • This is a quick note to let you know you were the absolute best teacher I’ve ever had! You motivated and inspired me to do my best and your answers to my questions were always clear as direct. Thank you so much!
  • We have never seen a superhero in real life. But we are quite certain that you are a superhero in the disguise of a great teacher.
  • Attending your classes was always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom. You are the best teacher ever! Thank you!
  • I couldn’t have made it through this school year without you. Thank you for helping me through this year with your support, guidance, and time to talk.

Quotes to Help You Express Your Gratitude to a Kind Teacher

  • The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.
  • I’ve enjoyed the educational adventure with you, thank you. This year’s classroom looked different but I wouldn’t have made it through without you.
  • Your classes are just so inspirational! I’ve never had a teacher like you, and for that, I’m so, so thankful every day!
  • Learning is fun, but only if someone has a teacher like you. Thank you for teaching me how to become a good student and a great person.
  • You did not only teach me what is good in life but also inspired me to do good in life. You are a great teacher and a good human being. Thank you for your contribution to building my life.
  • Being a teacher isn’t easy, so I just want to let you know that I appreciate all of the hard work that you have put in. Thank you for a wonderful year.
  • Was the stress, long hours, and dealing with annoying teenagers worth it? I hope so because you’re an amazing teacher and I can’t thank you enough!
  • You were a great constant in my life through these rough months. It was always a joy to see you in a Zoom call or classroom meeting and I couldn’t have made it through the school year without you. Thank you.
  • In a time of unknowns and uncertainty, thank you for always being there. I always looked forward to class time with you.

I hope one of these thank you messages resonated with you and you’ve found the perfect way to thank the teachers in your life! Leave a comment below if you have another fun way to send a thank you! 

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