Super Stylish And Cozy At Home Clothes For Mom

Thank goodness for loungewear, am I right? It has made it totally possible to be a stylish mama at home without sacrificing your comfort! Being comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed. I don’t know how moms did it before the days of loungewear and athleisure, but I am so thankful for these brands below that make super comfy AND trendy outfits.

What to Keep in Mind When Curating a Comfy Closet

First things first, here are some tips to keep in mind while you’re shopping for clothes to replace those not-so-flattering gray sweatpants.

  • Go with soft and breathable fabrics for maximum comfort.
  • Quality over quantity. With just a few really great pieces, you will be set to mix and match. When it comes to loungewear always carefully consider the quality of the piece. 
  • Wraps and cardigans are super convenient, especially if you have a zoom meeting coming up. All you have to do is put it on over any top and fix your hair, then you’re good to go!
  • Select a mix of comfortable clothes; some leggings, some shorts, tanks, tees, and hoodies. That way you still feel like you’re changing things up every day. 
  • Pick clothes that match your own personal style. You can find loungewear in just about any color palette; bold, neutral, bright. 
  • Read the reviews. They really do give you an insight into how well the clothes perform and whether the sizes run small, etc.

Now, let’s go over the top picks for stylish and comfortable at-home clothes that any mom would love to have!

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Our Favorite Comfortable Clothing Brands


Vuori strives to make comfortable clothes that perform well without sacrificing style. Their clothes are built to last, so even if you wear their clothes a hundred times, they won’t get that worn-out look. I love their pants and leggings because they are comfy, yet versatile. As for the tops, I love that most of them have a loose fit but are still flattering. 

Another thing that’s awesome about Vurori is their product guarantee– if you don’t love their stuff, then you can send it back!

As for my favorites:

  • Performance Joggers. They are tapered around the ankles and have a drawstring for easy adjustment. They don’t look anything like sweatpants, but they’re just as comfortable! 
  • Halo Performance Hoodie – This grey hoodie is so comfortable, lightweight and I am not kidding when I say it is the softest hoodie I have ever had in my life. Perfect for sipping coffee in the morning and relaxing on a cool summer morning.
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I am pretty loyal to Lululemon, but I recently decided to give Fabletics a try and I must admit that I am absolutely in love with their leggings now. Not to mention, You can really find whatever it is you’re looking for at Fabletics— whether it’s leggings, tops, soft sports bras, or complete outfits. They even sell accessories– bags, socks, scrunchie hair-ties, underwear, and more. Keep in mind, they get new items every month and sometimes things do sell out quickly! 

The designers at Fabletics understand that women come in all shapes and sizes, so they created a section for plus sizes. This way, curvier women can look and feel their best, too. Right now they’re having a legging sale for VIP members, you can get 2 for $24– that kind of deal is hard to beat! 


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As for my favorites:

  • Kinsley Seamless Hoodie. This hoodie has ultra-soft fabric with mesh patterns for ventilation. The material is so soft and breathable you won’t become as sweaty while jogging, and you can wear it around the house without worrying about overheating.
  • High-Waisted Seamless Rib Leggings. These are a classic you can’t go wrong with!

Queen Maddyn

As a mom, quality is important when it comes to buying any items for the baby and yourself! Luckily, buying matching outfits for your little one is made easy when it comes to Queen Maddyn. The fabric is buttery soft and provides ultimate comfort.

As for my favorites:

Leopard Zippie for Baby & a Matching Robe for Mom: Queen Maddyn Zippies fit true to size and are perfect for a daytime or nighttime outfit. PLUS they have matching robes for moms! It is always more fun being able to match the baby and the Ladies Robe from Queen Maddyn has the same buttery soft fabric as their baby clothes.

Bonus: Queen Maddyn also offers soft nursing pillow covers with a great selection to fit every mom’s aesthetic.


Wolven’s motto is “make sustainable sexy,” but it could also easily be “make being comfortable sexy.” Everything they produce is designed with comfort, durability, and elegance in mind. Best of all, it is also produced sustainably. 

The vibrant colors of their Indian-inspired print loungewear are quite eye-catching. Each pattern is created in-house by Kiran Jade and Will Ryan, the designers behind Wolven. The shapes and lines of the designs are placed in such a way to give women a slimming effect. Even better, the stretchy high-rise waistbands on some of their pants are wide, and they wrap around the hips and tummy in a certain way to smooth it out and minimize your tummy.  

As for my favorites:

  • Crossover Pocket Leggings. Not only are the leggings gorgeous and bright, but they are made using post-consumer recycled plastic. We love that this pair has a pocket because as a mom you are always holding something for someday; pacifier, crayon, booger that got handed to you in the grocery store, etc. 
  • Graphic Tees. Woven has plenty of cute matching tanks to go with their leggings, but we prefer their graphic tees. They have a looser fit and are super soft. 


Look no further for a company that embraces every mama’s curves and shape. Yummie pieces focus on comfort, while still being very fashionable. They offer all the essential basic pieces your wardrobe needs; leggings, bras, tanks, bodysuits, jeans, bras, and more.

Rookie Mom Tested Favorites:

We found the perfect lounge clothes from Yummie! It is all so soft and it can be worn at home or on the go. Pair it with the Tanya bralette and it is the perfect duo for staying comfortable.

The Tanya bralette is also a great comfy option for pregnancy and postpartum. It is a wire-free bralette, but it still provides support.


If you love softer-than-clouds fabrics, then you’ll love the comfy and stylish clothes from Athleta. It’s like a one-stop shop for moms. They sell tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, jackets, wraps, hats, shoes, and swimming suits.

We love the subtle feminine touches of their loungewear. They also have some of the best jumpsuits and rompers! As for their leggings, the stretchiness of the material is really comfortable to wear. It doesn’t feel like spandex at all, and the waist doesn’t roll down! It also keeps the awkward jiggling down to a minimum and keeps everything together in all the right places, so you can strut your stuff with confidence. 

As for my favorites:

  • Ultimate 2 in 1 Support Top. I love this Athleta tank because it offers extra support. It has a snug fit with a loose overlay that holds everything in place while hiding any imperfections, and it doesn’t cut in– this is pretty important for women with larger chests.


Chances are if you don’t already have a pair yourself, you’ve at least heard your friends raving about their “Lulus.” If you haven’t, then here’s what you need to know. All of their clothes are really comfortable and in style, but they’re known for their leggings, they’re very flattering and smooth out all of these annoying bumps on your legs.

Lululemon believes in self-improvement and living your best life, so they produce clothes to help women gain confidence while they work on meeting their personal goals. After all, women are more likely to get things done when they feel their best, right?

They have so many prints to choose from, and they look great with almost anything! So, even if you dress down, or mix it up, you’ll still look good.


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As for my favorites:

  • Align Super High Rise Short. I know that biker shorts are still an “I don’t know if I really like this” type of trend. Just try them out and believe me, they will be your new favorite to wear around the house. They are sweat-wicking and buttery soft. 
  • Align Leggings. Lululemon has many options when it comes to leggings, but nothing beats a pair of Aligns. They are weightless, soft, and hold you in all the right places. 


Upwest produces tailor-made clothes specifically designed for comfort– they actually have a section dedicated to “Comfort Essentials.” You can’t go wrong with their matching sets. They have a natural chic feel, and some of them come with a charming tie that goes around your waist. You can mix up the items to create different looks making it easy to create a capsule wardrobe of loungewear. 


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As for my favorites:

  • Perfect T-shirt Dress. This extra soft dress is a must-have for mamas, and it’s a staple you can wear through different seasons by layering it.
  • Unwind Wide-Leg Pant. Remember guacho pants? These are like that, except 100% more chic.

Free People

Like the name says, Free People creates unique loungewear for ladies who love bohemian apparel. Most of their clothes are long-flowing with an airy feel that gives your skin a sense of freedom. Their selection is actually really impressive! They offer head-to-toe outfits, crazy comfortable pants, long t-shirt/sweater dresses, and many more. If you want to complete the “Boho” look, then check out their sandals and accessories to add a vintage touch.

As for my favorites:

  • Sunny Skinny Sweatpants. These pants are chic while still being extremely comfortable, which makes them one of my favorite items in this whole list. Every mom needs one pair of sweats that are cute enough to be worn out and about while running errands, and this pair definitely fits that criteria. 
  • Dani Swing Tank. For warmer weather, we love this flowy breathable ribbed tank. It’ll pair perfectly with your favorite pair of sweats or leggings. You can also dress it up with jeans or shorts for a day out. 


The designers at Lyss’s aim to provide breathable and washable high-end clothes that are cozy and timeless. It’s like vogue loungewear. They have options for every body type and style, making them popular with plus-sized women. 

Did I mention they have vegan leather pants? Oh, and they have added sleek jackets and tops to go with their ahh-mazingly wonderful leggings!

As for my favorites:

  • Leggings. These leggings are not only trendy but flattering, too. For starters, they cover the full belly, and the waist does not roll down at all. They’re created with careful seam and waistband placements along with a 4-way stretch to let you move beautifully and comfortably.

P.E. Nation

P.E. Nation is a newer brand that centers around creating quality designed modern athleisure that is considered comfortable and fashion-forward. Their products are a must-have among many celebrities. If you like tight-fitting clothing that makes your body look good, then this is the brand for you! The leggings usually have stripes on the sides to slim down your legs, and you can match them with P.E. Nation’s fashionable bra tops.


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Most of their apparel has a high-contrast retro feel with bold color blocks and stripes placed carefully against a black backdrop. The colors have a shaping effect (the good kind). The fabrics are made from polyester and elastane, to make sure any sweat is whisked away, so you can feel comfortable during any activity– even if you’re chilling at home.

They also have loose-fitting loungewear with softer tones. Their oversized sweaters and hoodies are super cozy and durable.

As for my favorites:

  • Field Tracksuit in Pale Peach. This tracksuit has that vintage classic look to it. It’s heavyweight so it will keep you warm and cozy. The pale peach color is perfect for a subtle pop of color. 


The people behind Splendid believe that women should have loungewear that’s amazing and in style no matter where they go. Their products come in various sizes and styles, so there’s a little bit of everything. Looking for the perfect at-home outfit? Say no more.

Their tops and bottoms are classy, yet comfortable enough that you could curl up with a good book in the comfort of your home. And they have jumpsuits too! They also sell a variety of sweaters, cardigans, and wraps that are super chic but still casual.

Recently, they added a new collection to their line called “The Supersoft Collection,” that’s relaxed, refined, and seriously soft! And they wash really well. To mix it up a bit, they have some camo and tie-dye prints along with neutral colors. 

As for my favorites:

  • Cora Half-Zip. This fleece nylon zip-up is super trendy and cozy. I love the drawstring bottom that you can use for a perfect fit. 
  • Campside Short. I think every mom should have a pair of comfortable campsite shorts. This pair is so cute and you can easily dress them up or down. They have a relaxed fit and you can pair them with all sorts of tops. 

You deserve to have clothes you feel good about and comfortable in! As moms, we’re always on the go (even when we’re just in the house) and the brands above all make clothes to withstand that. I hope this list has helped you to find your new comfortable go-to! 

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