5 Super green baby activities

You know how everyone wants you to buy green stuff in order to do your part for the Earth? Well, being green is more than just buying more crap we don’t need, it’s also getting our hands dirty planting a garden, annoying your family by turning out the lights when they’re still in the room, and having some fun with the babies in our lives! These ideas obviously work for Earth Day or the other 364 days of the year.

Here are five green(er) ways to spend the morning with your little sidekick:

  1. Go > Outing: Fondle the goodies at the Farmer’s Market; share something yummy to eat or just navigate your way through the aisles looking at big kids.
  2. Move > Start raising a treehugger by taking a hike in real nature.
  3. Play > Play in a different kind of nursery; enjoy the flowers and butterflies at the garden store, starting a garden is optional.
  4. Eat > Project: Make your own baby food; DIY with fresh veggies and fruit is hecka cheap, better for health, and not as hard as you think!
  5. Hide in bed > Send your partner out to jog with the baby while you SLEEP.

I’ll post another day about the bajillion ideas we have for refashioning and upcycling. For now, go have some fun outside and let the ants clean up the crumbs!

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