Meet your friends out for errands

Go on, it’s semi-social, you can bring your baby or toddler, and you can Get Things Done (or GTD in Internet language. Seriously.) Meeting a friend out for shopping is your 51st Rookie Mom challenge! Not ready yet? Pick another challenge.

When our firstborns were too little to know the difference between Target and the Children’s Museum, Whitney and I would meet with the boys to do some shopping and wonder if it counts as an outing. I say “yes.” In the picture above, our nearest indoor shopping mall had crazy-car-shopping-carts; the boys may as well have been at a theme park. In the photo below, we are (obviously) enjoying the treasures at our local Target.

Once, I met my (child-free) pal, Olivia, and we wandered the aisles at Whole Foods toting the little man in his cart and handing him banana chips at his every sign for “more.” We chatted for a good long time, and I went home with ice cream. I loved having the opportunity to reconnect enough that I’m suggesting this as a challenge for you.

Pro tip: Ice cream purchases put the kibosh on post-Whole Foods coffee dates, so if you’re shopping with a friend, you might want to skip the frozen foods section.

More pro tips: Thingamababy offers 10 excellent tips for how to get out of the house and shop all day with a toddler. He includes a great suggestion on what to keep on hand and what to leave in the car. If you’ve tried to take your toddler anywhere and run into frustration, you’ll appreciate the advice.

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