Parenting Class Options & Why It’s Worth Taking One

“It takes a village.” And that’s why parenting classes come in handy. As much as we’d like to believe that we can handle anything the precious responsibility of parenting comes with, many times, we find ourselves feeling confused, unsure, and even a bit guilty for not having all the answers. But before you throw yourself into a pit of self-criticism, I’ll let you in on a little secret. No parent has all the answers.

Parenting Class Options & Why It’s Worth Taking One

Every child and parent is unique, with experiences and circumstances varying. However, while situations are unique in every parent/child relationship, loving parents share one common goal. We all want to watch their children grow, thrive, and live happy and fulfilling lives. For times when we feel lost in our parenting and grow unsure and insecure in our capabilities, instead of wallowing in our frustration, we should turn to our “village”. Our villages are made up of family, friends, and supportive resources for parents. One of these resources that many parents find helpful are parenting classes.

What Are Parenting Classes and Why Are They Beneficial?

“Parenting class.” At first, the term may seem a bit off-putting, but in actuality, it is a way for many parents to find support and solutions to issues that are commonly experienced within families. Being a parent is no light responsibility; in my opinion, it is the most important job that any of us will have to do. Such a weighty responsibility isn’t something that we can just “wing” along the way. A parenting class can help prepare and support new and seasoned parents. Many changes, bumps, and curves occur on the road to raising a happy and healthy individual!

Parenting classes are beneficial for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Learning to manage daily tasks and responsibilities
  • Strengthening the parent/child bond
  • Having a support network of professionals and other parents
  • Understanding your child’s needs and tailoring your parenting style to their personality.

A parenting class isn’t like any class you’ve taken in school. You aren’t graded, and there isn’t a multiple-choice final exam. A parenting class can be looked at more like a course or a guide. All of the answers to all of your questions may not be readily available, but a parenting class can help provide the tools you need to navigate the toughest of situations.

A parenting class is also a fantastic resource for parents who are simply looking for support. Again, the answers to all of your questions may not be immediately available. Still, it can be extremely encouraging to work closely with a “village” towards the common goal of raising happy children. In a parenting class, it’s very common to find someone who shares your feelings and experiences, and you may even find yourself being support for another parent.

What Should I Look For?

When looking for a parenting class, the first question you should ask yourself is, “what am I looking to get out of this?” Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with your child? Or are you going through a divorce and lost on how to explain it to your child?

Are you a young or new parent who has little or no experience with infants or children? Or do you need assistance in balancing the numerous daily responsibilities that come with being a parent? After you’re able to identify what you’re hoping to get out of attending a parenting class, you’ll notice just how many are available and may even find one to fit your exact needs.

Parenting classes aren’t just for parents. Caregivers, grandparents, foster parents, and guardians of children can all benefit from taking a parenting class. Parenting classes also aren’t just for people who have little to no experience with children.

A parent who already has a child or children can also utilize tools and guides provided in parenting classes. As stated before, no parent has all the answers, and every child has a unique personality. Plus, parenting styles aren’t “one size fits all.”

Where Can I Find a Parenting Class Near Me?

Depending on your location and schedule, there are a few options to choose from when selecting a parenting class to participate in.

Online Classes

Positive Parenting Solutions

An online parenting class is an excellent option for someone who is looking for flexibility or to use as an introduction to a different parenting style. There are many reputable options such as Positive Parenting Solutions, which offers a free, online webinar with plenty of downloadable worksheets and resources.

For a more in-depth class and course experience, paid classes are available to be taken wherever and whenever your schedule permits.

Fresh Start Family

Fresh Start Family is another online parenting resource. In addition to offering both free and paid parenting classes, Fresh Start Family also has a podcast, hosted by husband and wife team Terry and Wendy Snyder. The Fresh Start Family podcast explores various parenting techniques, experiences, and the Snyders also share interviews with an array of child and family experts. Get 20% off The Foundation Course through our special link!

Parenting Classes Near You

For those who are looking for a more personal or more hands-on approach, there are local classes available in most areas. These classes may be provided by religious organizations, hospitals, public health centers, community centers, or non-profits, or private groups. You can check out local parenting classes here!

Raising a child in this crazy world isn’t easy, and parenting is a highly esteemed responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not all parents have the answers or tools to navigate the unpredictability that comes with being a parent. Still, thankfully, resources like parenting classes, online and local, are readily available to assist parents and caregivers in helping the next generation grow, thrive, and be successful.

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