Put your Stander-Upper down for a nap

Spend a little extra time putting your active monkey down, and see if it pays off.

When Julian first started standing in his crib, I was at a loss for how to get him to nap. After listening carefully to Ryan’s procedure for putting him down, I realized I was trying to do it too fast. We got back on track with the extended ritual.

When our naptime routine was at it’s peak of effectiveness, which you must realize, dear rookie moms, can change at anytime, I recorded the procedure, in more or less 10 steps:

  1. Put on white noise
  2. Put on sleep sack
  3. Give pacifier and lovey to hold
  4. Sit on bed with Julian in lap
  5. Read 2-3 books
  6. Stand up and sway while singing Frere Jacques in English and French and then Yellow Submarine
  7. During the chorus of Yellow Sub, put in crib.
  8. If he stands up, sit on bed and sing for one more minute and then kiss and walk out
  9. If he stays laying down, stand and sing for one more minute

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