The Most Creative Elf on the Shelf Kits 2023

Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure, Elf on the Shelf has become a holiday tradition. Children of all ages love waking up each morning to see what trouble the elves have gotten into overnight. But, why stress when you can have someone do the work for you? With these Elf on the Shelf Kits, 2023 will be the best (and easiest) Christmas yet!

What if creative elf scenes are not your strong suit? What if you just laid down at 11:58 pm and realized you did not move the elf? If the elf shows up on December 1 (when it’s supposed to…), that’s 24 days of creative situations, plus, if this isn’t your first year doing Elf on the Shelf, you’ve got to think up scenes you didn’t do last year. 

That’s why in our house, we’ve turned to an Elf on the Shelf Kit for the last few years and narrowed down our favorites.

The Most Creative Elf on the Shelf Kits 2023

Elf on the Shelf Kit from Junonia Boutique

Order now because this is a steal! The Junonia Boutique Elf Kit has 24 days of individually packaged elf scenes. From bowling to going fishing, this kit has everything you need and a printed instruction guide for setting up each day.

Also included are hello and goodbye letters and naughty and nice notices to keep your kids in line!

Price: $75+

Shop Here

Crisp Cringle Elf on the Shelf Kit

When it comes to unique Elf on the Shelf ideas, the Crisp Cringle Elf on the Shelf Kits take the prize. The kit comes with 2 Claus Pause cards, a letter to Santa, a scratch art ornament, a name tag, and a magnifying glass & Santa sprinkles. Plus, they provide detailed instructions through a QR code so you know exactly how to set everything up.

I love that these kits are specified to how many children are in your family. They have options for families of 1-5 kids, make sure to pay attention when purchasing so that you get the right one!

Price: $65

Shop Here

The Elf Help Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to create 28 epic Elf on the Shelf scenes! The scenes are individually packaged so you won’t have to rifle through the box every day. Plus, it comes with a 12-page booklet showing you how to set up each scene. I really love that this kit puts an emphasis on the scene having an interactive element, like a game for the family to play together. It makes this tradition a little extra magical.

This shop offers kits for 1, 2, or 3 elves so make sure to select the correct option for your household when adding the item to your cart.

Price: $58+

Shop Here

The Elf on the Shelf:

If you just need ideas and a few elf tools, this option may be best for you. This kit contains a 60-page idea book and 15 elf tools, such as a candy cane cable, peppermint grappling hooks, an elf-size chair, ice skates, and several message cards. This is a great option if you just need help with ideas but can execute them on your own.

Bonus: This guide is written from the perspective of the Elf, so if your child finds it, it’s like the Elf brought the toolkit guide with them and doesn’t give away Santa or the Elf’s secrets. 

Price: $24

Shop Here

The Imagine That Shop Elf Kit

The Image That Shop Elf Kit is a premium Elf kit that includes 24 days of fun, interactive elf scenes. They pride their kit on being able to set out each scene in under 5 minutes, which is nice for busy parents. This kit also comes with a QR code to an Elf Kit Calendar where you can view exactly how to set up your elf scene and learn some tips and tricks. The Imagine That Elf Kit is a variety of elf interactions, toys and treats, elf pranks, and silly poses plus a few mindful activities to encourage good deeds and kindness. 

Bonus: The Image That Shop offers Elf Kits for up to five kids so everyone can participate in the activities and receive keepsakes. 

Price: $128

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The Crafty Holiday Helper Elf Kit

The Crafty Holiday Helper Elf Kit is one of the best kits available. It includes 27 days of creative scenes, an arrival letter, a magical glove to pick up the elf if they fall over, a travel container in case your elf needs to travel to Grandma’s for Christmas, and so much more! This kit has everything you need to make your elf’s Christmas visit magical. The price is a bit higher but worth it if you want a stress-free elf season. Bonus: it has free shipping! 

Price: $129

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30-Day Elf Activity Kit from ElfinAroundKits

This kit is magical, stress-free, and full of mischief for your elf. It includes 30 days of props, each individually packaged making it easy to pull out and set up. My favorite thing of all is that it includes a reference guide with photos that will show you exactly what to do.

Price: $84+

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Elf Survival Kit

Looking for a little help to bring the magic back into this tradition? The Elf Survival Kit has got everything you need at a great price! You will get 24 elf ideas with pre-packaged decorations and activities. There is also a QR code to scan which will show you picture examples of how to set up each idea. Plus, the kit comes with a letter from Santa!

All of the ideas are so cute and this business is family-run. What’s not to love? Run while these kits are still available!

Price: $87+

Shop Here

Keep in mind that your actual Elf on the Shelf will need to be purchased separately from these kits.

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