Get baby-proofing advice from an expert

I am not sure if I should be embarassed about this, but we had a consultant, “The Babyproofer”, come evaluate our home. He walked around and then told us all the things that could possibly kill our baby.

This sounds dramatic, but we learned a distinction that we had not been making before his visit. You must fix the things that could kill your baby. The rest might just result in small injuries or minor damages to your home decor. Example: TV falling on baby (possibly fatal) vs plant toppling onto the floor (not fatal, just unpleasant).

After paying this professional for his time, I decided a better course of action would be to invite over my friend Julie or Heather’s friend Marla, both mothers of two. I’m sure that they would have been happy to show me how to protect my child from himself, and not charge me by the hour. And this wisdom is what I pass on to you.

Let this big boy come over and tear things apart

Next step: Ask someone who has a toddler or two to walk around your house room by room and take notes as she gives you a braindump of all the little hazards her mommy mind can count.

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